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Exel is an international company led by shareholders who encourage employee initiatives and do whatever is necessary to ensure that employees feel committed to their work on a daily basis. Teamwork means organizational power. Management believes in the synergy of group efforts to achieve exciting common goals. Come and discover how Exel's initiatives make it a friendly and dynamic place to work.


Exel wishes to offer staff an exciting workplace that promotes cooperation, creativity and self-betterment. By granting concrete advantages, whether financial or in terms of recognizing and rewarding positive efforts and attitudes, management wishes to retain its employees and know that they feel fulfilled.


Exel aspires to be recognized as a preferred employer on the labour market. By promoting a corporate culture and unifying values under a management philosophy guided by empowerment and proactive communication, Exel hopes to make each employee an engaged and motivated ambassador.


We are always on the lookout for motivated and talented candidates who share our values and have an enthusiastic desire to take on challenges!
Because your talent makes the difference within our company.
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Vacant positions


Reporting to the Plant Manager, the team leader carries out the work required within the set time frame and established standards, as well as the company's policies and procedures. The team leader also contributes to the labourers' development by providing technical training. The team leader regularly conducts audits and follow-ups with employees to ensure ultimate product quality and deadline compliance.

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