Copper and Aluminum Bus Bars

Parts are manufactured at a highly competitive price with exclusive equipment employing cutting edge technology designed by Exel. Primarily used to conduct electricity from one fixed contact to another, Exel bus bar assemblies are of impeccable quality and reliability.
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Materials Used

Materials known for their conductivity properties are ETP C11000 copper and aluminum alloys 1350 and 6061. Other alloys can be used upon request.

Plating options

  • Electrolytic tin plating as per ASTM B545
  • Electrolytic silver plating as per ASTM B700
  • Electroless nickel plating as per ASTM B733

Overall Dimensions

  • Width up to 12”
  • Thickness up to 3”
  • Length up to 144”
  • Mounting holes as per NEMA standards 
Custom sizes are also available.


  • Insulation: Heat shrink PVC and polyolefin, ceramic heat shield, powder coating and other types of insulation are available.
  • Molded insulators for bus bars

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Current Capacity

Current capacity is determined by assembly configuration and bus dimensions. In some cases, current capacity can exceed 50,000 amperes.

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ISO 9001:2015
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