Flexible Braided Connectors / CSA UL

For large or small volumes, Exel is equipped to meet the various needs of its customers. Manufactured from top-quality materials using proven processes and exclusive, advanced numerically controlled equipment designed in house, Exel's flexible braided connectors display the highest levels of quality and performance.
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Materials Used

  • Seamless C11000 ETP copper tube as per ASTM B188
  • Seamless C12200 DHP copper tube as per ASTM B75 or as per ASTM B88
Ferrule plating options
  • Electrolytic tin plating as per ASTM B545
  • Electrolytic silver plating as per ASTM B700
  • Electroless nickel plating as per ASTM B733
  • Lead free hot tin dip plating
The standard thickness plating on a ferrule is 0.0003" although it can reach up to 0.004", upon customer request.

Flat, round or tubular braids
  • Cuivre étamé C11000 ETP selon ASTM B33
  • Cuivre argenté C11000 ETP selon ASTM B298
  • Cuivre C11000 plaqué au nickel selon ASTM B335
  • Cuivre nu C11000 ETP
  • Acier inoxydable alliages 302, 304, 321 ou 430
  • Aluminium alliage 5056
Most commonly used wire gages in the industry are 30 AWG (.010") to 44 AWG (.002").


  • Ferrule widths up to 10”
  • Ferrule thickness up to 3”
  • Total connector length up to 120”
  • Mounting holes as per NEMA standards
Custom sizes are also available.

Current Capacity

100 to 7,500 amperes


Insulation: Heat shrink PVC and polyolefin, ceramic heat shield and several other types of insulation materials are also available.

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For low and medium voltage applications, flexible braided connectors are used mainly in the energy industry for wind turbines, generators, substations, transformers, circuit breakers and rectifiers. They are also used in the automotive, aerospace, information technologies and military sectors.

Flexible braided connectors are mainly used in the following situations:
  • Heavy mechanical vibrations
  • Thermal contraction and/or expansion of attached units
  • Space constraints

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