Looking for high-quality electrical components, responsive service, and very competitive prices? 

As market pressures increase on our customers, Exel has consistently invested in research and development so we can respond innovatively to their specific needs. 

Through customization and proprietary manufacturing technology, Exel has become a long-time partner to companies needing consistently reliable components that are competitively priced.   

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Hydroelectric power

In the hydroelectric industry, it’s imperative that electrical components have a long, safe lifecycle. That’s why our flexible braided connectors, laminated copper or aluminum connectors, and custom bus bars attract a loyal following. 


Tailored to the needs of our customers, our components are all rigorously quality-controlled for optimal performance and priced very competitively. 

Wind power

The major drop in renewable energy prices has escalated consumer demand, making wind power businesses focus even more on keeping operational costs down. Our custom-designed flexible braided connectors are optimized for reliability and comply with the strict standards of the green-energy sector.  


While new technologies re-shape the transportation industry. Customers looking to reduce their costs look to Exel’s leadership in the green-energy transportation sector for both expertise and high-quality components.

Customers ask for our insights on how to get more performance out of the connections between batteries. They depend on our flexible braided connectors, custom bus bars, and laminated copper and aluminum connectors for their electrical cars, buses, trains, and other vehicles in the transportation sector.

Solar power

Solar power has added so much new capacity worldwide in recent years that it has leapt ahead of any other electricity-producing technology. Through Exel’s in-depth understanding of this sector, we meet the specific needs of our customers. 


Our high-performance components, like our hybrid bus duct enclosures, flexible braided connectors and other critical parts ensure an efficient power connection for utility-scale solar projects. 

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