Always striving to innovate and offer the best to its customers in ever changing industries, Exel International continues to rely on research and development, and invests accordingly. Exel prides itself in meeting your requirements more efficiently than ever, while maintaining competitive and attractive prices.
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Hydroelectric power

Our solutions for the hydroelectric industry are developed to each customer's specific requirements. Our equipment, specifically designed for the hydroelectric industry, allows each business to rely on a customized solution and ensure optimal performance at an affordable cost.

Wind power

Our electrical components are specially designed to meet the specific needs of the wind power industry. They comply with the strict standards of this renewable energy industry. Exel International's specialized expertise positions the company as a leader in custom designed connectors for the wind power industry.


As a true benchmark in the development and design of electrical components aimed at improving and ensuring the competitiveness of the transportation industry as well as electrical cars and buses, Exel develops very high quality parts whose efficiency is being demonstrated every day. Our reliable and superior quality connectors and bus bars enable transportation businesses to achieve their full potential.

Solar power

To guarantee performance and efficiency, a perfect connection between your solar panels is essential, if not critical. Exel manufactures reliable, high-performance and flawless electrical components.
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