Laminated Copper and Aluminum Connectors

When flexible braided connectors are not an appropriate solution, laminated copper and aluminum connectors may be the perfect option. They maintain optimal levels of electrical and mechanical properties while sustaining the stresses of movement and heat. 


As a result, laminated connectors protect your equipment and increase its operational lifespan. Using proprietary high-precision equipment, Exel manufactures laminated connectors to your specifications, and rigorously controls production quality.

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Materials Used

  • Tin-plated C11000 ETP copper as per ASTM B33
  • Silver-plated C11000 ETP copper as per ASTM B298
  • Nickel-plated C11000 ETP copper according to ASTM B355
  • Bare C11000 ETP copper as per ASTM B152
  • Aluminum alloy 1350 as per ASTM B209
Standard laminates vary in thickness from 0.005” to 0.04” and in width from 0.5’’ to 10’’.

Plating options
  • Electrolytic tin plating as per ASTM B545
  • Electrolytic silver plating as per ASTM B700
  • Electroless nickel plating as per ASTM B733
  • Lead-free hot tin dip plating
The standard thickness plating on a contact pad is 0.0003” although it can reach up to 0.004”, upon customer request.

Overall Dimensions

  • Width of connecting pad up to 10"
  • Thickness of connecting pad up to 3"
  • Total connector length up to 72"
  • Mounting holes as per NEMA standards 
Custom sizes are also available.

Current Capacity

100 to 7,500 amperes, according to design specifications.


Insulation: Heat shrink PVC and polyolefin, ceramic heat shield and several other types of insulation materials are also available.

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Frequently used to fasten an electrical connection in extreme conditions, laminated connectors are mainly found under the following circumstances:

  • Low-vibration mechanisms
  • Minor thermal contractions and/or extensions of attached units
  • Low-level movement
  • Constrained spaces

If vibration is a critical factor, we suggest using flexible braided connectors

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