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A hammer is not a carpenter. To consistently deliver world-class components and responsive service, it takes the highly collaborative work of a talented, fully engaged team. 

Purchasing Team


As a buyer at Exel International, Patrick is responsible for directing, planning, conducting and controlling all aspects of Exel’s procurement initiatives and activities assigned to her by the production planning team.

Patrick plays a pivotal role in procuring materials and components necessary for the production of Exel’s products. His primary objective is to ensure a seamless supply chain, balancing cost-effectiveness with the quality and timely delivery of materials.


In his role, she must continuously ensure that all procurement activities are in compliance with Exel's Quality Plan and core values.


Patrick is determined, energetic and resourceful, he brings a vast amount of knowledge from many years in the Electrical Component manufacturing industry. He possesses strong negotiation skills, a deep understanding of the industry and the ability to manage complex supply chain dynamics to contribute to the efficiency and success of the manufacturing process.