Maintain your competitive edge by partnering with Exel 

Because market pressures only increase, our customers call on our services to improve component performance and reduce costs. They know we will bring the best of our 25-plus years of know-how and responsive 24/7 service to fulfill their specific needs. Let us know how we can help make your job a little easier.

Consult our experts


Improve equipment uptime with our expertise

Looking to complement your engineering staff’s expertise? Need an authoritative, independent opinion? With over 25 years of specialized know-how dedicated to optimizing electrical components, our engineering team can be your outsourced think tank. 


To respond to our customers’ needs for innovative solutions in power components, we have invented proprietary manufacturing technology. Our rigorous quality assurance program results in exceptionally low NCRs from global OEMs.   


Optimize your components 

To maximize the value of your components’ performance, our design team will systematically analyze every aspect of their life cycle, from concept to production to operation. 


Whether you need a technical drawing, a 3D computer model, or expert support for the custom fabrication of a component, our design team will be there to help keep your equipment running optimally.


Maximize your equipment’s ROI

Helping you maintain the uptime of your operational equipment is the top priority of our repairs team. Whether the component is non-standard or rare, we’ll quickly repair it. Or, if you wish, we’ll custom design a replacement. 


We specialize in high-voltage disconnect switch repair. Count on our 24/7 customer service team to inform and guide you throughout the process. 



Avoid premature component degradation and reduce your costs


To ensure peace of mind about your equipment’s performance life and safety, we offer heat rise testing in a setting that closely simulates operating conditions. We also provide expert qualification and certification according to industry standards, with a responsive turnaround for results. 



Enhance performance with our efficient, reliable electroplating service through our fully owned subsidiary Exel Plating

From technical expertise and meticulous production to quality assurance via precision technology, we provide high-end finishing and personalized customer service. With more than 50 years of cumulative experience in plating, our team’s leadership is supported by a collaborative ensemble of seasoned technicians and chemists. Plating options include tin, silver, nickel, copper, and gold. 

To learn more about our electroplating subsidiary, please visit:

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